At Visit Whitehaven we support local businesses and dont charge extortionate prices. Our aim is to help independent entities survive in the tough economic climate, and to prove it works get in touch today for your free trial.

Business Directory

Our business directory is a popular place to start. For just £40 per year you can have a page all about your business and what you do listed under the relevant category. Think of it as a modern yellow pages! It includes:

  • Text

  • Images

  • Contact Details

  • Social Icons

  • Videos

  • Links

  • Gallery

  • Audio

  • Location Map

  • Contact Form linked to your business email

All beautifully designed. Business changed? Don't worry, we offer free updates.

Homepage Advertising.                       

With tens of thousands of views every year the homepage is the best place to promote your business by far, and for just £80 a year you cant complain, eh marra.

Homepage + Business Directory for £100 Per year.


But don't listen to us! Listen to our customers, i'm sure they would be only too happy to relate to their happy experience!

"After two years of being let down by others who promised to help set up our club shop and then did nothing, we came upon Cumbria Media almost by accident but were very fortunate in doing so. The owner of the business did all the background work including the banking details and access codes and security. Once that was done he came down and did a series of quite straightforward training sessions with our I.T. sales persons. This was all done in a cheerful but studied manner and he was extremely patient with our staff as they learned. Luke left his contact number for the staff to contact him with any problems they encountered with permission to just ring him at almost any time. The charges are very reasonable and I could not but recommend Cumbria Media to any future customer. Should you as a customer wish to ring me personally I would more than happy to relate to you our happy experience as a club with Cumbria Media." - T. A. Bolam - Todd B.A. (Hons) - Chairman of Whitehaven Rugby League Football Club.


"Alva Surveyors Group are delighted with the Corporate Branding and Online Marketing carried out by Cumbria Media and would recommend them to any business, large or small." - Jim Higgins - Managing Director - Alva Surveyors Group Nationwide.

"Professional, quick and easy service at an affordable price." AC Accountancy Services.

"The designing and advertising you did for us was first class. Looking forward to our next venture!" Candle Blossom

"The setup was very easy and the staff are great. The pricing is extremely reasonable for what you get. Cumbria Media own some fantastic advertsing websites with something for everyone." - Manhattans Bar

"The setup was easy and the pricing was very reasonable. I would recommend this service to friends as it is friendly and professional." - Fascinators 4 U

"I have noticed the results from the advertising Cumbria Media have carried out for my business. I think the pricing is very reasonable for a very helpful and no fuss service." - Herbalife - Advertising Services

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