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Theresa May's Brexit deal, will it go through...

MPs are preparing to vote on whether to back Theresa May's deal for leaving the European Union.

The so-called "meaningful vote" will take place later as five days of debate on Brexit come to an end.

Mrs May has called for politicians to back her deal or risk "letting the British people down".

But with many of her own MPs expected to join opposition parties to vote against the deal, it is widely expected to be defeated.

Attorney General Geoffrey Cox has opened the last day of debate, with Mrs May due to close the debate with a speech from about 18:20.

He called on MPs to recognise the "value of compromise" and "opt for order [over] chaos".

Voting will start at about 19:00 GMT, starting with votes on three or four backbench amendments that could reshape the deal and then the vote on the withdrawal agreement itself.

Our local MP, Trudy Harrison will also be taking part in the vote tonight At Westminster.

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