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Debbie Expands Her Career In Care

Debbie Ellwood of Bellcare PHOTO: Sheila Ivison

Despite 2020 being an extremely difficult and demanding year especially in the care industry, one passionate care worker has achieved registered manager status at one of the largest domiciliary care providers in Cumbria. 

Debbie Ellwood has worked at Bellcare since 2002 and says she is just as passionate about helping people as she was 18 years ago.

“I have been in the care industry since my early 20s. I began my career training in Dovenby Hall, then moving on to care homes on training schemes which I thoroughly enjoyed as I love learning new skills and information, meeting people and most of all helping in the best possible way I can.

“I am a very loyal employee and have worked with Bellcare for nearly 20 years starting as a care worker, training and progressing up the management ladder to where I am now. I feel it’s important, to be honest, and I’m never frightened to say things to staff which would effect positive change to make the company stand out from the rest. 

The 46-year-old strives to give her all “I will always strive to give my 100% at all times and I expect the rest of our Bellcare family to do the same. I’m also looking forward to my first inspection with CQC as Registered Manager as this will allow me to show my potential and learn what needs improving or changed within the company.”

A registered manager is the person appointed by the provider to manage the regulated activity on their behalf, where the provider is not going to be in day-to-day charge of the regulated activities themselves.

The Workington born Registered Manager has been pivotal to the success of Bellcare, "Debbie has such a kind and caring nature and her dedication to our clients is the embodiment of what Bellcare is all about" Carol Wilson the director of Bellcare says Debbie has contributed massively to the expansion and growth of the company.

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