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Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and a positive mind is the top advice from Shameem

Shameem Arnold

During this time of uncertainty, worry and anxiety Shameem Arnold founder of MokyFit is here to help.

Shameem usually runs fitness classes weekly across West Cumbria, however with the current Covid-19 situation these classes have come to a pause with the health of her customers and her team is her priority.

Maintaining a healthy mindset and lifestyle is always the top advice from any fitness or lifestyle professional and this is also the case with  Shameem, who says “during hard times like this, now more than ever we should all be looking for things to make us smile and feel good about.”

Shameem is trying to get her message out there that her fun, lively and modern classes can be done at home with the launch of her website.

Which provides people with access to her full sessions from the comfort of their own living room, garden or home gym!

One of Shameem’s regulars, Heather Anderson commented “I can’t express enough how much I have come to love Moky for fitness, therapy, friendship, and family. I just know we are going to get each other through these difficult uncertain times.”

With a small subscription fee, comes a wealth of guided fitness videos, just like what you would receive at class the only difference being is you’re at home!

Shameem commented, “We're facing such uncertain times at the moment it is more important than ever that we look after our mental health as well as our physical health.”

“Exercise is proven to help mental health by releasing endorphins and serotonin, add into that happy, motivating music like we use at Moky and you're onto a winner! The hardest part when we are feeling low is motivating yourself so I've opted to do live online workouts so people who usually come to class can still keep to their usual time of working out and have me live in their living rooms.”

“Feeling part of a community of people is also really important for our mental health. We need the feeling of belonging and I struggle to exercise myself if it wasn't for doing it with other people. The live workouts allow you to keep going even when we're not able to socialise and be together in person. I fully intend to keep on top of my mental health during this challenging time and I hope I can reach as many other people as possible so they can manage theirs too.”

To find out more information you can visit Shameem’s Facebook page or visit her home fitness website

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