• Luke Johnston

Power Cut - Asby

There is a reported power cut at Asby.

337 customers are without electricity.

Engineers are currently on site and the problem is currently planned to be resolved around midnight.

Post codes affected:

CA14 4RN, CA14 4RW, CA14 4TT, CA14 4SF, CA14 4SG, CA14 4RD, CA14 4RE, CA14 4RF, CA26 3UW, CA14 4RY, CA14 4RL, CA26 3UR, CA26 3XJ, CA26 3XL, CA26 3XN, CA26 3XR, CA26 3XS, CA14 4RT, CA14 4QY, CA14 4QH, CA14 5LB, CA14 4RH, CA26 3XU, CA26 3XX, CA26 3XY, CA26 3XZ, CA26 3YB, CA26 3YF, CA14 4RP, CA14 4SA, CA14 4SB, CA14 4TY, CA14 4TU, CA14 4TZ, CA14 4SH, CA14 4SQ, CA14 4RR, CA14 4RZ, CA14 4TX, CA14 4JN, CA14 4PP, CA14 4JU, CA14 5RT, CA14 4TS, CA14 4RJ, CA14 4RA, CA14 4RB, CA26 3YE, CA26 3XH, CA26 3XT, CA14 4JP


The majority of town centre stores and attractions have now reopened with COVID-19 best practice in place. For further details contact the establishment direct.


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