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  • Luke Johnston

‼️⚠️ POWER CUT - Moresby ⚠️‼️

There is currently nearly 800 properties without electricity in the Moresby area of Whitehaven.

Power is currently estimated to be restored around midday today.

See if your post code is affected: CA28 6PL, CA28 6PW, CA15 8UW, CA28 6RT, CA28 6RU, CA28 6RX, CA28 6RY, CA28 8UR, CA28 8UW, CA28 8XN, CA28 8XS, CA28 8YW, CA28 8XJ, CA28 8XQ, CA28 8XH, CA28 8XL, CA28 8XG, CA28 8XR, CA28 8UP, CA28 8UT, CA28 8WE, CA28 8WF, CA28 8WZ, CA28 8XE, CA28 8XF, CA28 8XP, CA28 8YE, CA28 8YF, CA28 8YG, CA28 8YJ, CA28 8YQ, CA28 8YS, CA28 8UU, CA28 8UX, CA28 8XB, CA28 8XD, CA28 8UY, CA28 6SF, CA28 6SE, CA28 6RS, CA28 8UZ, CA28 8XA, CA28 8YP, CA28 8XW, CA28 8UH, CA28 8UJ, CA28 8UL, CA28 8UN, CA28 8EY

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