• Oliver Hodgson

WATCH: International star Sean Paul sends his words of support to the Cumbrian town of Whitehaven

Hip-hop global superstar Sean Paul has sent his positive vibes from Jamaica to the Cumbrian town of Whitehaven.

In a video message to Whitehaven he speaks his words of wisdom;

“This coronavirus has hit us all and it’s been crazy!”

“So, we all need to come together, unite and stay away from each other. We know when this is over the party is gonna be insane!”

“Protect yourself, stay smart, stay healthy and live your best life and remember one positive thought is way more powerful than one negative thought.”

“Whitehaven we will be back to normal soon!”

The video message is a part of a stay at home campaign being run by Danielle and Mark of Club 135 who were one of the first nightlife venues to voluntarily close.

The club has re-branded their venues front windows with huge posters, with one clear message to stay at home and save lives. 

Danielle commented, “We are passionate about spreading positivity during this rather difficult time and we also are sending our huge appreciation to all the NHS and frontline workers.”

 “Before we know it, it will be safe to go out and party hard!”

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In response to the latest government lockdown all none essential stores are now closed. All attractions are also closed. Stay Home. Save Lives. Protect the NHS.


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