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  • Oliver Hodgson

Whitehaven Nightclub Says ‘Safety Is Top Priority’

A Whitehaven nightclub has spoken out following speculation of their return in early July.

Club 135 of Whitehaven was one of the first nightlife premises to voluntarily close before lockdown began and non-essential premises were told to close.

In a statement, directors Danielle and Mark said: “We have had people get in touch to ask when we are going to re-open and as you will all be aware the current situation is very difficult for both pubs and clubs. It is difficult for us to come up with any sort of timeline for reopening due to the potential social distancing rules.

“If pubs and clubs can only open with social distancing measures we feel it would be better to wait it out until such measures were relaxed, as a music and dance led businesses we can’t see how we would monitor people dancing and mingling, and we certainly wouldn’t want to stop anyone having a good time. 

“The safety of our customers and team is the top priority and that will always be the first point discussed with any plans we do make. 

“We are hoping that it will soon be safe for us to open at full capacity and being able to let everyone have a great time, for now, stay safe and see you all soon.” 

Club 135 is promising to return with an array of events and those which were planned will be rearranged where possible. 

Keep up to date with Club 135 on their socials by searching for Club 135.

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