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Take a look at some of our exclusive interviews with the people of Whitehaven and surrounding areas. 


Trudy Harrison 

Member of Parliament for Copeland

We caught up with Trudy Harrison who has recently been elected M.P for Copeland area after Jamie Reed stood down last year. She has since won the election and then the by-election to take up the position. Read what she has to say:


Gary Slater

Operations Superintendant West Cumbria

We caught up with Gary Slater who looks after policing in West Cumbria for Cumbria Police to find out some more about him and Cumbria Polices Operational Team


Mark Kirkbride

Chief Executive Officer of West Cumbria Mining

We caught up with Mark Kirkbride, the CEO of one of Cumbrias newest and most active companies as they set out their plans for reopening a coal mine in West Cumbria. 

Mike Starkie

Elected Mayor of Copeland

I ran to be Copelands first directly elected mayor because I  was and am a supporter of the Elected Mayor model, I further believed the area would be best served by putting party politics to one side and having an independent free of political constraints,  in the absence of anyone else putting themselves forward for the role as an independent candidate, I decided to do it myself as I am passionate about Copeland and it achieving its potential.

Gerard Richardson M.B.E

Event Organiser and Business Owner

Gerard Richardson owns Richardson's Fine Wine Merchants and is the ex-Chief Executive Officer of The Whitehaven Maritime Festival Company. A company which him and a few others founded in 1998. Gerard played a large part in inviting Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II to Whitehaven. He was made a member of the British Empire a few years ago. Please click below for the full interview with Gerard.

Brad Kavanagh

Actor, Singer-songwriter, Presenter, Music Producer

Brad Lewis Kavanagh (born 21 August 1992) is an English actor and singer-songwriter, originally from Whitehaven, Cumbria, and is best known for his role as Fabian Rutter in the Nickelodeon TV series House of Anubis.

Elizabeth Kwasnik

Director of The Beacon Museum

I moved to Whitehaven in June 2014 to take up the post of director of The Beacon. I was interviewed in may and had been in my previous post for 19 years! I felt the job was a unique and innovative position and the fact that the museum had just gone into a collaboration with Sellafield to display their story made me want to take the job even more. Sellafield has not bought the museum in any way, they have leased a floor to tell their story and exhibit their work. We still need people to support the museum.

Mike Craven

Cumbrian Author

From a personal point of view, Cumbria is a fantastic county. It’s by far the most picturesque in England and has a pace of life I’m very comfortable with. I love the beer and I love the food. I have a springer spaniel and there’s nothing better than exploring new things together. With my writer’s hat on, Cumbria is pretty much ideal to writeabout. It offers so much, from urban areas like Carlisle, Barrow and Workington, to isolated rural areas. There’s a fascinating mix of poverty and wealth, there are huge companies like BAE and Sellafield and there are a multitude of ‘mom-and-pop’ stores. And there are enough people up to no good to keep a crime writer happy…

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