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Sleeping Beauty - Whitehaven Theatre Group

By Oliver Hodgson, Editor 

If you are planning on going to see this pantomime, you can expect an amazing experience. 

The beginning of the pantomime seen the very talented wicked fairy Carabosse, (Rachel Denwood) as she opened the show, supported by the Grunge, (Stuart Evans.) 

The rest of Act 1 it was utterly a shimmer of professionalism. The sound clips and numbers were very well picked and the vocals were great, the lighting was spectacular, LEDs moving around the audience made us all feel apart of the story. 

The interaction from the audience with the comic Muddles (Shaun Donald) was hilarious. The two guards were a lovingly funny pair who made us giggle here and there with their silly slapstick humour.

The dancing from the chorus members was modern, unique and certainly dramatic during the evil scene with a flutter of red through the dancers eyes and the passionate postures.

Sleeping Beauty was played by Camille Best, and she was certainly a perfect fit for the character, very well presented with costume and relaxing vocals. I couldn’t write a review without giving a huge round of applause and well done to the director Lindsey Benson who was helped by Sarah Blaney and also the choreographers Jode Morgan and Scarlett Todhunter.

I spoke a lot about just how good the technical aspects were so a huge shoutout to the behind scenes crew, sound and lighting crew and the stage manager Chris for brilliant job. Go and support Whitehaven Theatre Group! Check them out on Facebook and Instagram. - Oliver Hodgson @oliverhodgsonn  

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