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  • Luke Johnston

Copeland Council shuts all play areas

Photo: Castle Park will soon be closed

In a further effort to combat the spread of Coronavirus Copeland Council has announced it will be closing all play areas owned or managed by themselves.

A council spokesperson said: “As it is not yet known how long the virus can survive on surfaces, and we are all required to social distance, we want to ensure that we help prevent the spread of the virus by closing communal leisure areas and play equipment to the public.“

Play areas that are already, or will be, closed in the next 24 hours include:

• Rosebank (Hensingham)

• Kells Welfare (Whitehaven)

• Castle Park (Whitehaven)

• Jericho (Whitehaven)

• High St (Whitehaven)

• Newlands (Mirehouse)

• Barfs Road (Distington)

• East Rd (Lowca)

• Orgill (Egremont)

• Ling Road (Egremont)

• Brisco Mount (Egremont)

• Egremont Skatepark

• Moresby (Moresby Parks)

• Jacktrees Road (Cleator Moor)

• Moor Row

“All play areas not on this list are not owned or managed by Copeland Council.”

“Please contact your local town or parish council if you are concerned about a park or play area near you.“

“Thank you for you for your patience and understanding during this time.”

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