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  • Luke Johnston

End of an era - Mayor announces retirement

Mayor of Copeland Mike Starkie has today announced his retirement on the same day Copeland Borough Council ceases to exist and is replaced by the new Cumberland Council.

Mayor Starkie has been at the helm of Copeland Council for the past 8 years, winning two elections.

In a statement he said "Today is my last as Mayor Of Copeland and my last day of working 43 years on from leaving School. I am now retired and looking forward to what will hopefully be a life of leisure.

From beginning work at 16 on the construction of Pond 5 at Sellafield and over 32 fabulous years in Financial Services working in every part of the U.K. I have had some great experiences and met and worked with some fantastic people many of whom are incredibly talented and successful."

"The last 8 years I have had the honour and privilege to serve the people and the Borough of Copeland as the Elected Mayor which has been a fantastic experience and the people I have worked with there have been superb. Politics certainly has its challenges but I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it and it has again presented me with the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life and have experiences you would not normally encounter."

"In retirement I will fondly reflect on some great times and some great successes during my journey through my working life and be thankful to all the fantastic people I have worked with and for, they have left me with some fantastic memories.

I will certainly miss the day to day interaction with the people I work with but am very much looking forward to the joys and freedom of retirement. It’s been a long journey and my thanks to everybody who has in anyway been part of it and made it so fulfilling and enjoyable."

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