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  • Luke Johnston

Parents are being reminded to keep their children away from Kie Park

The park was built in memory of Kieran Goulding who tragically lost his life aged 15 in the Keswick School Bus Crash in 2010.

Kierans mum Tracey and his friends formed a committee to raise funds to build the park.

The £250000 facility was completed in mid 2016 and has been a great place for keen skaters to hang out since.

Kierans mum has however warned people to “stay away during the government isolation period”

Kierans mum said “Kie Park is closed. I have received messages from people stating that it has been busy lately. Please can parents remind their children that they should not be using it. Once all of this is over we look forward to welcoming everyone back”

The park was opened in 2016 🛹

Tracey, Kierans mum cut the ribbon 🎀

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