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Calderwood House.

A new homeless hostel which was given the green light a few months ago is now recruiting staff. Calderwood House which is moving in to the old Egremont Police Station is now recruiting for support workers.

Rachel Holiday director of TTC behind the project said “a little over 24 months ago, Time to Change West Cumbria Project didn’t even exist. To date we have raised nearly half a million pounds of funding, worked closely with the Police and Crime Commission Office to convert the former Egremont Police Station into Calderwood House. Now I need a committed motivated team to continue our success"

Rachel is planning to stand outside The Civic Hall handing out flyers to recruit staff between 11 and 2 on Saturday 27th June. Anne Kelly of Rosehill Youth Theatre has agreed to open the doors of the newly reopened building to support the project.

Rachel is also holding a drop in session at Pacha Café on King Street on the 1st July between 2 and 7. This time can be used to collect any information on the jobs and what they do.

Anne Marie who owns Pacha Coffee supports the project with their very own suspended coffee scheme. The scheme is where someone buys a drink for someone who is needy and then puts it on the suspended coffee wall. All the needy person needs to do is pick the drink they want off the wall and hand it to the cashier.

Your role as Support Worker will include;

-Capacity to work flexible hours within an agreed framework (24hr/7day week shift rota).

-Support allocated Residents ensuring they have up-to-date support plans addressing their individual needs.

-Promote a healthy and abstinent life style and raise aspirations of Residents.

-Working with our Corporate Partners to secure employment, training or educational opportunities. -Provide housing related support (Life skills) to Residents, enabling them to move on to independent living in the community and maintain it.

-Work closely with relevant local organisations to ensure residents are aware of all the services and support available.

-Develop close links with the local community, promoting a greater understanding of homelessness and the work we do.

-Organising and taking part in fund-raising events with residents.

-Ensure the premises are in a good condition and health and safety regulations are adhered to at all times. Are you ready for a challenge? Please email for an application pack. Closing date for applications is midnight on Sunday 12th July 2015.

Pacha Café said, “We are a coffee shop business with a community twist! We love to be able to support community projects in any, which way we can. We want Pacha Cafe to be the place for all from our community, whatever their circumstances.”

“Homelessness and living in poverty can be a scary time for anyone. Any of us can fall on hard times. Thanks to our kind and caring customers, we can provide someone in need from our local area with a hot drink or sandwich. We want to reach out to those who are suffering in our community and let them know they are not alone and a warm welcome is always close by.”

“We firmly believe that everyone has the basic human right of a safe place to live. We fully support Rachel and what Calderwood House stands for. We have enjoyed working together with the rucksack project, and now their current recruitment campaign. We welcome all into Pacha cafe and want to thank existing customers for our success to date and look forward to welcoming many more over the coming months. If anyone would like to book some space for their community group or plan an event, please get in touch on: or phone 01946 696803.

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