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Asbestos forces closure of Whitehaven Academy

Whitehaven Academy has been closed, today, Tuesday 24th April 2018 after asbestos was found. 

A statement released by the school states: 

It was discovered during a routine asbestos survey that there had been a disturbance to building materials containing asbestos, a material found in most UK schools. Swift and effective remedial action was taken. An investigation is currently being carried out by the Trust. The two areas concerned were immediately contained and reported to the relevant bodies including the HSE. During initial investigations into the matter the decision has been made to close the school on Tuesday to allow further survey works to be undertaken, enabling an accurate assessment of risk and then appropriate guidance can be issued. This is not a decision that has been made lightly but we feel this is in the best interests of staff and students. A further update will be issued after the relevant assessments have been concluded and appropriate advice received. 

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