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  • Luke Johnston

Alice In Wonderland is set to be a cracker!

Gosforth Amateur Dramatic Society's 2019 pantomime of Alice In Wonderland is fast approaching and rehearsals are looking amazing!

Alice Is being played by the fantastic Mary Wake, critics say she's a brill! The White Rabbit is being performed by the new to GADS and the fantastically humourous Tina Wilson-Ferris. The Knave is being played by the passionate and amazing Rosalind Amey and the Cheshire Cat is being played by the magnificent Karen Polmear!

It isn't easy work putting on a pantomime, and this years cast Is relatively big, therefore it has to be said that a lot of gratitude and appreciation must to go Natasha McGregor the director of Alice In Wonderland! Upon interviewing the head of costume Paula, she spoke about how great it is to be involved in such a great production and its amazing to see the finished result.

I spoke with her earlier this week and asked her if there was any challenges working on this pantomime and her overall thoughts and she said "So far its been great fun there has been lots going on down stairs and I've got an awful lot to get on with up here!"

Apart from the main characters of Alice, the Queen of Hearts and King of Hearts the two interesting characters are the Caterpillar and the Cheshire Cat and as we know the Cheshire cat is very brightly coloured and the Caterpillar is a bit strange and sits on a toad stool so it certainly has cause a conundrum to solve!"

Alice In Wonderland is being staged at Gosforth Public Hall and running from the 23rd January, tickets are on sale now and available from Jim Polmear, on the GADS ticket line 019467 28392. Alternatively you can visit the website OR on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The pantomime is wrote by Tom Whalley Pantomimes,

If your business or you as an individual are interested in supporting/sponsoring the show please again contact Jim Polmear.

Keep your eyes peeled for the trailer coming out soon on YouTube. :)

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