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  • Oliver Hodgson

Bellcare Carers Praised By Management For Going The Extra Mile For The Vulnerable During Heatwave

The management team at Workington based Bellcare have praised their staff for ‘going above and beyond’ during this month’s heatwave in Cumbria.

Bellcare provides care services to a vast range of clients including vulnerable and elderly people who often struggle in humid and hot climates. In early August the UK seen the hottest August day for more than 17 years, peaking at 37° in London and Cumbria hasn’t been far behind often peaking over 30°

Debbie Ellwood of Bellcare said: “Our staff constantly push fluid intake with our clients as it helps to  prevent water infections, and helps catheters flow well, however during the hot weather spell the carers ensure that at each visit they are leaving plenty fresh water and juice next to the clients to encourage fluid intake.” “If the ice cream van comes around to where the carers are the carers will often treat the client to a ice cream or sit and enjoy a ice lolly in the sunshine together. This is a good way to help with hydration especially for those that are not big drinkers, or for clients that may have mouth sores of problems with their throats.”

Carers at Bellcare often produce milkshakes or smoothies for clients which they say is a great way to maintain hydration for those who aren’t keen on drinking much. Water based fruits are also known to be a good way to keep hydrated and we try all these ideas and establish which one is best for each person and especially during the hotter.

Debbie continued: “The staff here at Bellcare have went above and beyond, ensuring our clients of all ages are getting the care and support they need particularly during this spell of extremely hot weather.”

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