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  • Oliver Hodgson

BREAKING: The UK has entered the delay phase as COVID-19 worsens

Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson has announced within the last few minutes during his press conference that the UK is going into the DELAY phase.

"We have done what we can to contain this disease."

"This is the worst public health crisis for a generation"

He said Coronvirus is more dangerous than the flu.

The PM has outlined what the next steps for the UK are during the COVID-19 situation:

- All people from tomorrow with flu-like symptoms are being told to immediately self-isolate for 7 days.

- School trips overseas banned

- Older people with underlying medical conditions will be advised not to go on cruises.

Boris also said, "many more families are going to lose loved ones before their time".

He added: "We have a clear plan that we are now working through and we are now getting onto the next phase in that plan. This is now not just an attempt to contain the disease as far an as possible, but to delay its spread and thereby minimise suffering."

Further afield the Republic of Ireland has made it very clear all schools and colleges from 6 pm today Thursday 12th March, all though Boris has Mr Johnson said: "We are not, and I repeat not, closing schools at this time."

Further to the situation with COVID-19, the FTSE 100 has lost more than 10 per cent of its value, the biggest intraday fall since the 2008 financial crisis. More than half a trillion pounds has been wiped off the FTSE 100 index in less than three weeks. This is bringing the London market to its lowest level since 2012.

This is a breaking news story and will be being updated, please check back.

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