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Carlos celebrates a year of photography in Cumbria

Carlos Reina

From filming and directing films for artists in Spain in 2010 to now 10 years on working on the fells in Cumbria.

Carlos loves the Lake District, the people and the events!

The photographer had come to Cumbria in 2017 after living in Cheshire for a while

where he was working as a Photography and Spanish Lecturer in a Cheshire college before setting up a sports specialist company in mid-2019.

Fast forward a year and his first year of business is said to have been a success – with

the exception of this year where a lot of his work has been cancelled due to the Coronavirus crisis.

Come rain or shine, Carlos is out there with the camera photographing runners,

cyclists and anyone participating in sport! He is often seen on the fells, along main

roads on sports pitches or shooting at VIP events all around Cumbria.

Since finishing his degree in photography and media studies and prior to running his

own photography business here in Cumbria, he has worked in advertising providing

professional photographic and post-production services for companies in Spain and the UK.

Carlos is also currently supporting West Cumberland Hospital by cycling around

Copeland while capturing special moments for families on their doorsteps. So far, he has raised over £600 and he has got plenty of houses still to go!

The 37-year-old said “I love living in Cumbria, there is no better place to be if you like the

sport and outdoor lifestyle and of course the beautiful scenery, I am very grateful to

everyone who has supported me, and I am looking forward to seeing everyone again once we can!”

You can see more of Carlos’ work on his website and social media.

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