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Children cycle 262 laps around their garden for the NHS

Archie, Amy and Jack PHOTO: Oliver Hodgson

Amy, Archie and Jack Brown have today ridden 26.2miles totalling to 262 laps in their back garden in Gosforth, West Cumbria to raise funds for the NHS.

The NHS has been a major part of the Brown’s lives and they have a lot of appreciation for all the NHS heroes. Amy was born at Newcastle RVI and was born with a disability, Alison her mother had said it was Amy who wanted to do something to help the NHS.

They rode for five and a half hours in the heat PHOTO: Oliver Hodgson

Amy said "It was tiring and hard because the weather was hot but the motivation for doing something to help the NHS kept me going"

Archie added "I thought it was a tough struggle but we made it to the end and happy to help the NHS"

Jack also said "I enjoyed cycling and would do it again to help the nurses and doctors"

Alison Brown, their mother commented “Together we came up with this challenge. The kids see cycling around the garden as nothing compared to the efforts of the front line workers and although the donations for this event are going to the NHS charities together we are all deeply grateful to all those who are going out to work in these difficult times regardless of occupation. They are all heroes for keeping the country moving.”

“From our point of view, we are extremely proud of the kids showing such compassion for others and wanting to help in their own way. Thank you to Amy, Archie and Jack for doing the miles and thank you all those workers keeping the country going”

If you would like to donate, follow the link to their Just Giving page >

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