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  • Oliver Hodgson

Copeland comes out in force to applaud the carers.

Jim and Lindsay Buck in Gosforth showed their appreciation PHOTO: Oliver Hodgson

Thousands stepped out around Copeland to applaud the dedication of those on the frontline.

At 8 pm last night people from across the county stepped out their door for the fourth time to clap and bang pots as part of the UK wide Clap for Carers which is a weekly lockdown friendly event for everyone to show their gratitude to those in the NHS and also those working on the frontline.

Oliver Dorgan a Cleator Moor resident said “It has become a ritual for our household. Every Thursday, 8 pm, right on the dot we stand there, at the end of our drive, often wearing slippers to convey our thanks to this country's carers. Every week I expect it to be a little quieter than the last, only to be proven wrong each time. It fills my heart with pride that our communities, our country, can come together to give thanks in such a profound way.

Sellafield’s emergency teams also showed their appreciation >

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