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  • Luke Johnston

Copeland Elections: Picture Special

22:00 - all counters are seated awaiting the first box

22:10 - the first box arrives from St Peters Church, Woodhouse

22:10 - Counting has now begun

John Studholme - Liberal Democrat Candidate is the first candidate to arrive

Jack Lenox, Green Party Candidate arrives at the count

John Studholme greats Jack Lenox

Tony Lywood, Labour candidate arrives at the count

News breaks along Whitehaven Sports Centre that Mark Jenkinson, Conservative candidate has taken Workingtons seat from Labour

Trudy Harrison, Conservative candidate arrives

Trudy Harrison takes to the stage as Pat Graham, Returning Officer of Copeland Borough Council announces that the Conservative party have retained their seat.

The final results are as follows:

Trudy Harrison (Conservatives) 22856

Jack Lenox (Green) 765

Tony Lywood (Labour) 17014

John Studholme (Liberal Democrat) 1888

Conservatives hold the seat with a majority of: 5842

The Conservative Party celebrate their win

Trudy thanks her party, voters and her family as she is re-elected MP for Copeland

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