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Copeland MP launches appeal to deter visitors from Cumbria and the Lakes

The MP for Copeland has today urged tourists planning to visit Cumbria to stay at home.

In response to the changes in lockdown guidance, Trudy Harrison MP for Copeland has reinforced the message that Cumbria is still not open for visitors.

In a video posted today to her social media platform, Trudy Harrison MP urged those with plans to travel to the area over the next weeks that it is not the time to visit.

Stating firmly that “Cumbria is not open for business at the moment”, Mrs Harrison stands aligned with Cumbria Constabulary, The Lake District National Park and her constituents in their pleas for visitors to stay away.

Mrs Harrison said: “When the Prime Minister addressed the nation on Sunday evening, he rightly commended the fortitude, resolve and common sense of the British public.  I know that exercise is vital for both physical and mental well-being, however when considering a journey to Cumbria, please understand that the Cumbria and Lake District you know, and love is not open for business at the moment.”

“The temptation of our coastline, fells, mountains and lakes is understandable, but please remember that this is our home.  This is where we are looking after our most vulnerable people, where we’re taking care of our elderly parents and grandparents with limited medical facilities.

By staying alert, we will control the virus, we must remain vigilant as COVID-19 remains a danger to us all but using common sense, following guidelines will ensure we control the transmission and ultimately beat the virus.

Our coastline, lakes and mountains will remain unchanged and our communities will look forward to welcoming visitors as soon as it is safe for our brilliant businesses to open”.

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