• Oliver Hodgson

Copeland MP's delight at Barclays Bank U-turn

Copeland’s MP has spoken of her delight that Barclays Bank has reversed its decision to stop customers withdrawing cash from Post Offices.

Many constituents in the Millom area contacted Trudy Harrison when the news broke earlier this month, expressing their dismay at the move.

Mrs Harrison immediately wrote to Barclays Bank UK PLC chairman, Sir Ian Cheshire, asking for the bank to reconsider its plan and spoke of the devastation her constituents would face – many of them elderly.

She said: “I am relieved that Barclays saw common sense and realised in a short space of time just how valued this service is, particularly in rural areas such as Copeland.

“Thankfully there will no longer be a loss of service and customers can continue to use the post office – the lifeblood of our high street – to withdraw their money.

“When Millom and Whitehaven branches of Barclays Bank were closed earlier this year, I was given assurances that customers would be able to use the post offices and I am happy that this will now continue. I would like to thank everyone who got in touch with me about this matter.”

The bank said it realised that the proposal had “provoked a great deal of public and private debate”.

In a statement it said: “We have listened very carefully to points that have been made to us by Ministers in the Government, by MPs, and by interested charities and consumer advocates.

“Ultimately we have been persuaded to rethink our proposals by the argument that our full participation in the Post Office Banking Framework is crucial at this point to the viability of the Post Office network. We have amended our position, and will now maintain a full service proposition in the Post Office for our customers, including cash withdrawals using a debit card, for the next three years.”

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