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Copeland MP - Who will you choose?

Pictured: Ex-Copeland MP Jamie Reed.

It was announced several weeks ago that Jamie Reed would be standing down as Copeland MP to become head of Head of Development and and Community Relations at Sellafield Ltd. The candidates for Mr Reeds replacement have now been announced and Visit Whitehaven have all the information you need to choose your next MP.

Labour - Gillian Troughton

Gillian is a Borough and County Councillor. During the EU Referendum she was an active remain campaigner. Gillian has a 100% commitment to the nuclear industry, a move which was backed by Deputy Labour Leader, Tom Watson. Mr Watson visited Copeland on Monday to join Gillian's campaign. Mrs Troughton believes the changes to changes to Nuclear Pensions where unnecessary and unacceptable. Mrs Troughton also joined striking teachers at The Whitehaven Academy to show her support.

Conservative - Trudy Harrison

Trudy has launched a six-point plan to ensure Copeland captures the benefits and opportunities heading its way. The six point plan includes;

1. Protecting local jobs and industry.

2. Making the most of Moorside.

3. Making a success of Brexit for Cumbria.

4. Improving rural Broadband.

5. Skills Training and Apprenticeships for more local people.

6. Flood Prevention, Infrastructure and better public transport.

Trudy has worked for Copeland Borough Council and currently works as a Project Manager mainly in the construction and energy industry. She has served as a Parish Councillor and School Governor.

Liberal Democrats - Rebecca Hanson

Rebecca Hanson has criticised the government for putting local jobs at risk. She said "I am passionate about standing up for West Cumbria, and recognise the vital role that the nuclear industry plays in our local economy." Mrs Hanson is a campaigner for The West Cumberland Hospital and has criticised chiefs over plans to downgrade services.

UKIP - Fiona Mills

Paul Nuttall, Leader of the UKIP party visited Copeland this week to formally kick off his parties campaign in Copeland. Mr Nuttall who is a Cumbrian MEP traveled to Copeland with his deputy, Peter Whittle. Ms Mills, UKIP candidate is UKIP's Cumbrian branch chairperson. She set out her mains aims as; securing loss of services at West Cumberland Hospital, supporting the nuclear industry and supporting a structured exit from the European Union.

Green Party - Jack Lenox

Mr Lenox is a software developer from Keswick. He is against Nuclear Power and has pledged to campaign for a safe energy future. He is keen on fighting for a truly public NHS and Britain having a close relationship with Europe.

Independent - Michael Guest

Michael Guest, a Councillor on Whitehaven Town Council representing Kells is an ex army medic. Michael said he is "Standing to represent those dissatisfied with party politics".

Independent - Roy Ivinson

Roy Ivinson, a farmer from Silloth said "some people go on holiday, some people stand in by-elections". Mr Ivinson also stood as a candidate in the 2015 Workington General Election. He said he has political opinions on everything but his main one was to stop Global Warming in Copeland. He supports Nuclear power but also wants to explore renewable energy in Copeland. He added: “I’m just going to tell them what I’m fighting for and if they don’t want to vote for me that’s fair enough."

How you voted in 2015:

Labour: 16,750 (42.3%)

Conservative: 14,186 (35.8%)

UKIP: 6,148 (15.5%)

Liberal Democrats: 1,368 (3.5%)

Green: 1,179 (3.0%)

Turnout: 63.8%

Advice for voting:

To vote in the by-election your name must be on the electoral register. If you haven't yet done this you have until February 7th to do so. You can register at or contact Copeland's electoral services team on 01946 598300. If you are wishing to vote by post then you must do this by February 8th at 5PM or by proxy is February 15th at 5PM. Applications forms can be found at: The deadline to change an existing postal vote is February 8th at 5PM in writing to: Electoral Services, Copeland Borough Council, The Copeland Centre, Catherine Street, Whitehaven, CA28 7SJ or by emailing:

Article (C) Cumbria Media 2017 on behalf of Visit Whitehaven.

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