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Cumbrian CBD Company Teams Up With Comedy Legend Kai Humphries

Cannabis hit the headlines two years ago following the high-profile case of Billy Caldwell, whose mother Charlotte was fighting for his right to get a legal cannabis prescription for his epilepsy. At the same time Lakeland CBD opened its doors to the public for the first time and their business has burst onto the Cumbrian market as the most trusted CBD company in the county and beyond.

Nic Hewitt who founded the company with her schoolfriend Luke Woodend says “The last 2 and half years have been amazing, we’ve been overwhelmed at the acceptance and support from our family, friends and customers”

The latest move for the Cumbrian company this year has been teaming up with comedian Kai Humphries. Geordie Kai is known for his relatable, cheeky and situational comedy and has racked up a huge fanbase following his recent tours supporting Netflix’s international superstar Daniel Sloss.

Lakeland CBD have become a prime and leading supplier of CBD products in Cumbria, Nic Hewitt director of the company said: “I've been a big fan of Kai since I seen him live in Liverpool last year.”

“Throughout lockdown I listened to his podcasts and live streams and just resonated with the topics he was addressing. Taking care of your mental health being a priority, making time for yourself, having a hobby, something nice to focus on, I even took up knitting because of his tutorials, Kai openly talks about his own mental health and his cannabis use and he isn't afraid of judgement or discrimination around it.

“With Lakeland CBD we constantly trying to break down the barriers and stigma surrounding the use of cannabis, so it just seemed like a perfect opportunity to collaborate, his live streams have kept me going through lockdown, god knows where I'd be without his wit & wisdom!”

Nic & Lukes company earlier this year premiered the first CBD advert on TV in the Border region, which was a momentous occasion for the ever-growing CBD brand and a huge breakthrough for the Cannabis industry.

In a unique collaboration, the comedian said: “I’m delighted to team up with Lakeland CBD; their commitment to mental health solutions and their community engagement is exactly the ethic we strive to achieve on my channels.”

“Merging our communities and sharing our ideas going forward is such a perfect fit, it’s a very exciting road we have ahead of us.” 

Anyone looking for more information on CBD can get in touch with the Lakeland CBD team for a friendly chat or any assistance they may need by visiting their website.

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