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  • Oliver Hodgson

Cumbrian digital media company donate hundreds of free vehicle graphics to community volunteers

A Carlisle based media production company has stepped up to the challenge of producing vehicle stickers free of charge to hundreds of volunteers across Cumbria and the UK.

Dryden Media in Carlisle have distributed over 300 stickers which enable members of the public to know when someone is volunteering to support an isolating friend, or vulnerable person.

Craig Dryden Owner of Dryden Media commented “At the outbreak of COVID-19 I became aware of a number of volunteer groups being set up through social media to support the local community.

“After contacting the support groups regarding the issue that was arising which was that volunteers were being confronted by members of the public for making multiple journeys to pharmacies, supermarkets, visiting homes etc.

“This gave me the idea that if volunteers had something identifiable it may help mitigate any potential negativity towards volunteers.”

To support the production of further stickers Craig has started a GoFundMe page where members of the public can donate to the cause.

Any left-over funds from the donations to the page are being donated to local community groups to donate to the GoFundMe Page visit this website ( and to apply for a ‘Community Volunteer’ sticker visit

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