• Oliver Hodgson

Cumbrian genes behind the latest streetwear brand to hit the UK fashion scene

Cameron Coid wearing his latest peices

A Whitehaven born fitness professional and entrepreneur Cameron Coid has this week launched his latest venture.

Looking for another challenge Cameron set up Black Label Clothing in late 2019. Before this Cameron was a partner in another clothing brand which was set up in 2018 however he decided to wait and go along with his brand; Black Label.

Cameron commented “The idea behind Black Label is to bring a premium high-quality brand to both men and women at an affordable price. Everybody would love to wear designer brands, but most people can’t afford to do so.”

“With Black Label we pride ourselves on being high quality from start to finish, from the materials we use for our products, to the designs of our products, and we also pride ourselves on the best customer service we give each and every one of our customers.”

Cameron has been both the creative and operations director behind his label and said he wanted to spread the “Be Your Own Label” message, which is also the brand's slogan. 

From sweaters to T-shirts and accessories, Cameron is certainly excited to see what the future holds with his latest venture and he hopes he can spread his vibes along the way.


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