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  • Oliver Hodgson

Drigg YFC trundle through the villages

James Rowe

Around thirty tractors headed through Gosforth, Seascale, and Drigg yesterday evening to go alongside the final Clap for Carers event, showing their support for key workers and the farming community.  The parade was arranged by Drigg Young Farmers and the farmers both young and old received an enormous welcome and cheer by supportive villagers.

The lead of the trundle Martin Rigg said: “Charlotte Nichol had asked the members of Drigg Young Farmer if they had any ideas to raise awareness for the key workers in agriculture. My son is part of the club and so I suggested to do a convoy like Clemmy Mossop was doing around Egremont and use their JustGiving page, as all the proceeds are going to Whitehaven hospital. I, Charlotte, and John Nichol began organising and we raised £2000 + for the JustGiving page.  “The feeling when you drive through the villages you grew up in is awesome. I can’t describe it but as we line up and meet ready to set off, I can’t stop smiling, none of us can. “Then when you drive around it feels like no time all.  “Seeing everyone smiling is just priceless, it’s a great feeling doing it for the spirits of the residents, and knowing we are doing something good for the people that need it, this just shows the good old British spirit is still there.” They headed through the three villages to be greeted with lots of waving, selfies, and horns blasting.  Another participant Julie Shepherd added: “Drigg YFC is a wonderful club of young people not all farmers and supportive advisory members. “To be involved in the tractor trundle was amazing it brought all communities together with our farming community supporting the NHS and all key workers including ourselves with a coloured rainbow of tractors. “Well done team #DYF and everyone who supported us and all the key workers

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