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Free festive parking across Copeland

Copeland Council is offering free parking on weekends, and after 3pm on weekdays, over the festive period.

Eight of the car parks that the council runs will be free to use on Saturdays and Sundays, and after 3pm on weekdays, from Saturday, November 26 to Monday, January 2 (inclusive).

Included in the offer is School House Lane, Senhouse Street, Whitehaven Sports Centre, The Beacon Museum and North Shore (all Whitehaven), Chapel Street and Beck Green (Egremont), and St Bees Foreshore.

Mike Starkie, Mayor of Copeland, said: "We're delighted to be supporting our town centres, for the whole month of December, by offering free parking.

"We're encouraging all our residents to support their towns by shopping locally and dining out. The Christmas break is also the perfect opportunity for a stroll around Whitehaven harbour or along St Bees beach.

"It's free to park at The Beacon Museum where there are lots of Christmas events planned along with a range of exciting exhibitions. In addition to the free parking, the museum will also be offering free entry to all on December 29 and 30."

Residents are asked to note that there are a number of marked permit-only bays within these car parks that are not available for public use. Additionally, only the car parks listed above are subject to this offer; there are other car parks in Copeland that are privately-owned and may be subject to payment.

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