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  • Oliver Hodgson

Honister takes ‘Room with a View’ to a new level with brand new Cliff Camping experience

One of The Lake District, Cumbria’s most exciting outdoor adventure and heritage attractions has launched a brand new experience that is guaranteed to deliver both thrills and relaxation in equal measure – but on a whole new level.

At 500 feet high, Honister’s new ‘Cliffhanger’ experience means visitors can camp-out for the night in style, literally sleeping under the stars while suspended above the valley floor – with the only way to reach their bed for the night, being by abseiling down the cliff face.

Considered by the team at Honister to be the most extreme camping experience in the UK, participants will cross the thrilling ‘Infinity Bridge’ to reach their site for the night: A porta-ledge anchored to the side of Fleetwith Pike: A far-cry from the more traditional camping experience.

Activity and Event Coordinator at Honister, Prentice Wilkinson-Weir, says, “We’re thrilled to be able to launch this experience and can’t wait to welcome our guests, all of whom will of course need to bring their head for heights! On a clear evening, campers will spend an unforgettable night watching the sun set over The Lake District’s stunning landscape, while enjoying an al-fresco dinner, and in the morning, our guests will all be treated to freshly-prepared bacon butties in our café.

“No previous experience is necessary to take part in this experience, with the only requirements being a sense of adventure and a basic level of fitness. So, why not social-distance in style here at Honister? Availability is limited so it is really important to plan-ahead and book early to avoid disappointment.

“While this is the latest in a wide range of fun activities, we offer here at Honister, safety is of course our absolute top priority, with campers required to wear a harness at all times, even whilst asleep. They are securely attached to both their tent and the rock face outside, so there is absolutely no risk of them coming to any harm during the experience. Staff are on call 24/7 in case of emergency too, via radio. Of course, every experience is also weather-dependent.

“Guests looking for an even more extreme campaign experience can take it to an even more exciting level by choosing to have their tent hung from the Infinity Bridge, spanning the crags on Fleetwith Pike, also around 500 feet above ground level.”

Each porta-ledge is a temporary hanging tent system which are used by rock climbers on multiple day climbs. Manufactured by Cumbria-based outdoor equipment business Aiguille Alpine Equipment, the hanging tents are made up of a fabric covered platform supported by a metal frame and suspended from a secured single point against the cliff-face.

Prentice continues, “At Honister, we’re all about supporting other local businesses whenever possible, so we’re really pleased to be working with Aiguille Alpine Equipment on this experience. Based in the village of Staveley, they’ve been designing and manufacturing climbing and mountaineering gear for 33 years, so we’re proud to be keeping it local by using Cumbrian expertise and knowhow.”

Check out a video of the experience, right here.

For those who would rather not spend the night dangled from the cliff-face, Honister is also offering a less extreme Cliff Camping champagne brunch/afternoon tea option.

For further information, visit the website here, email or call 017687 77230.

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