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  • Luke Johnston

It’s not a TORNADO it’s a WATERSPOUT!

But what is a Waterspout?

Social Media is currently full of photos of a “Tornado” over the sea on the West coast of Cumbria including Whitehaven. But with the help of some science we need to inform you, it’s a “Waterspout”. Similar to a Tornado but at sea.

But what is a Waterspout?

A waterspout is a rotating column of water and spray formed by a whirlwind occurring over the sea or other body of water.

Whitehaven Coastguard where called out to the incident after reports of what looked like an aircraft crashing into the sea, they said " We where tasked at 1826 hrs by CGOC Belfast Coastguard following reports of a possible downed aircraft after a member of the public reported seeing what they believed were the tracks of an aircraft ditching at sea."

"On further investigation with multiple occurrences, it was identified as a number of waterspouts forming between West Cumbria and the Isle of Man. False alarm with good intent."

"Our thanks to the first informant for their swift notification to allow us to investigate."

Heres some of the photos;

Photo by: Stephen Lightfoot

Photo by: Andrew Little

Photo by: Shauna-Leigh Mattinson

Photo by: Jennifer Huddart

Photo by: Lianne Pickering

Photo by: Emma McQuade

Video by: Jordan Mattinson

Photo by: Janice Jones

Photo by: Daniel Hopper - From Harrington

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