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Life coach says people need a sense of purpose and connection during these testing times.

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

Sam Symons

There are many faces to the challenges people are coping with whilst in lockdown, those on the frontline who have lots of responsibilities, pressure, and stress and those at home feeling lost, worried and out of the usual routines, or juggling work and homeschooling.

Samantha Symons a registered life coach and mother of 3 is delivering her message of hope during this difficult time.

The West Cumbria based coach had said that having a positive 'inner voice' which reinforces the best of every day is important and only focusing on what we can change rather than can't is key to maintaining a healthy mindset.

Her advice is also that healthy eating and walking daily can improve fitness and releases endorphins to improve mood and combat stress and depression. She went on to say that setting goals, breaking them down and having projects to focus on are paramount to our wellbeing even small garden projects such as growing veg, even in the window for those without a garden, can give people a sense of achievement and help improve wellbeing.

For some, loneliness, in lockdown is a real and overwhelming thing to deal with. Having someone to talk with every day makes a real difference. Sam advises people to pick up the phone rather than sending a text as hearing someone’s voice or a video call enables people to connect better.

Sam spoke about how she has been helping clients who have struggled with the excessive time on their hands, that has sometimes led to uncontrollable worrying in people prone to anxiety or triggered past issues like depression or addiction. Sam strongly advises structuring your days, with the same sleep and waking time.

Sam Symons commented “Obviously the reasons we are in lockdown are devastating and naturally no one wants the world to be in this position. I initially felt overwhelmed by COVID- 19, worried for my children who are diagnosed autistic and how they’d be affected, unable to easily access services.

“I feel fortunate that I'm a life and well-being coach and have a wealth of skills, experience, and tools to adapt as well as I have, this enabled me to put into place the things my family need and I want to share these tips to coach others through these unprecedented times.”

Sam is working remotely during these times, through the likes of Zoom, video chats, and phone calls and hopes to be able to help as many people as she can across the UK.

If you are looking for further support or advice you can connect with Sam on her Facebook page or email her directly

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