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  • Oliver Hodgson

Motivational masterclasses for Copeland residents

UNEMPLOYED Copeland residents are benefiting from confidence-building masterclasses from ‘The Motivational Queen’.

Zoe Bennett, aka The Motivational Queen, is delivering four online sessions to help participants to create a foundation of positive change in their lives to gain and retain jobs and relationships.

The project not only boosts participants’ personal confidence, but also improves their digital capabilities by accessing online conferencing.

Sessions show people how to recognise their own skills and abilities and set goals; how to trust their own judgement and assess other people’s influences; and how to turn challenges into positive experiences. Thirty-eight people joined the first session, and three more are to follow.

The programme is the latest in a series of bespoke support opportunities arranged by the Copeland Work and Skills Partnership, led by Copeland Council.  Unemployed residents are referred on to the academy by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) and other members of the partnership.

Julie Routledge, DWP Partnership Manager, said: “We are delighted to be working together with the Copeland Work and Skills Partnership, and Zoe Bennet, in such a unique and innovative way.  This is a real opportunity to inspire those looking for work, boost confidence and help them with their own personal journey.”

Unemployed residents in Copeland are referred to one or more of the remaining sessions by emailing or calling 01946 854015 or 01946 854016.

The Copeland Work and Skills programme is jointly funded by Copeland Community Fund and Sellafield Ltd. The masterclasses are part of its employment support workstream. Other workstreams include sector-based work academies, subsidies to support apprenticeships, specific support to key sectors and wage subsidies.

For more information, contact Copeland’s Work and Skills Programme Officer, Chris Pickles, on

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