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New Head Appointed At St Bees School

Following an intensive recruitment process held by the School Management Board, Full Circle Education Group and the Senior Leadership Team, St Bees School is delighted to announce Robin Silk as the new Head.

Robin’s appointment will commence in September and forms an integral part of the St Bees strategy for growth. Current Head, Roger Sinnett, will then expand his role to become Director of Education for Full Circle Education Group for all St Bees Schools, responsible for overseeing and uniting all schools across the world to form the St Bees global campus.

Chair of the Management Board, Mark George commented that the selection process was rigorous and we have been successful in finding the right Head for the school. “Amongst a vast array of hugely qualified candidates we were unanimous in selecting Robin. He is the perfect leader to continue St Bees’ journey and development towards a pioneering future.”

As a University of London History graduate, Robin completed his PGCE at the University of Cambridge, and later, an MBA with the Open University. Robin brings a wealth of experience to the St Bees family, gleaned from his extensive leadership in schools over 20 years.

For the last 13 years, Robin has been leading schools overseas, and in some cases starting schools from scratch. He has led schools in 4 different continents, latterly Oporto British School, Portugal, and is therefore keen to bring his international experience and knowledge to further enhance St Bees’ global outlook.

Robin’s own interests and passions in rugby, hockey, mountaineering and travelling – leading over 40 expeditions all over the world – lie neatly with the School’s clear and unique focus on EQ (character development). He fully aims to build upon Roger Sinnett’s foundations, reviving the glory days of St Bees, but with a modern, global, perspective.

Regarding his appointment, Robin states that he is “absolutely delighted to be taking up the post of Head of St Bees School. The history of this esteemed school makes it an attractive challenge, and coupled with the pioneering vision of the Full Circle team, it is a doubly enticing role. I am dedicated to ensuring our students have an education that prepares them for the world of the future, and not just today.”

“St Bees is getting a huge amount right. As Head, I intend to help the school grow even more, leading it into a bright future, whilst building links with our sister schools in China, with our alumni, both in the UK and abroad, and with universities and other critical stakeholders of the school. From small beginnings, we expect great things and to be part of this vision, at this time, is indeed a privilege. I thoroughly look forward to getting to know the staff, students and parents and all those who retain an interest and connection with this venerable institution. I hope you will join me in the belief that once again, St Bees is a school with an incredible future to match its remarkable past.”

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