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  • Oliver Hodgson

Optimism From Whitehaven RLFC’s Charlo Ahead Of Their Clash With Dewsbury Rams

Game weekend is just round the corner for Whitehaven RLFC as they gear up to take on Dewsbury Rams in their first match of the season and ahead of the game this Saturday the squad is raring to go according to coach Gary Charlton.

Charlo said: “Hopefully things are looking up at the recre for the coming season, we have quite a few new faces on the playing roster and are looking forward to the season ahead.

“We have brought in some familiar faces in Greg McNally and Liam Cooper plus three Aussies in King, Williams and Walmsley to go with some seasoned professionals and youngsters with ability - hopefully just need a chance to kick on in this game.

“Pre-season has been a bit of a stop start situation, but we are well into it now and all the coaches are happy which way we are travelling at present. Sunday’s pre-season friendly against Newcastle Thunder was a great blow out for some of our lads and we were very happy with what we saw hopefully we can take that on into the Dewsbury game this Saturday.”

This month marks one year since the Dewsbury squad travelled to the Whitehaven ground which unfortunately turned out to be Haven's last game of 2020, due to COVID.

Charlo added: “We believe once we get up and running, we will be very competitive in a very hard league, but the proof will come in the next month or two. Hopefully it won’t be too long before we get the crowds back in and hopefully make the Rec a ground no team wants to come and play at! We are raring to go.”

Although fans aren’t able to attend matches for a while, they are able to watch the match via a platform created in the wake of COVID called ‘Our League’ which is ran by the RL, supporters can visit for more information on viewing the matches.

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