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Parking changes as lockdown loosens

COPELAND Council has announced changes to car parking as lockdown loosens. The council announced today that:  - Car parking fees will be reintroduced on weekdays in all its paid-for car parks from June 17

 - All the council's town-centre car parks are free at weekends to everyone, until the end of July

 - Key workers will continue to receive free parking seven days a week in long-stay car parks Copeland Mayor, Mike Starkie, said: "Whilst, in line with guidance, we must 'return to normal service' and reinstate weekday parking charges for non-key workers, we hope the free weekend parking in towns will attract shoppers and visitors, helping businesses bounce back after the lockdown." NHS staff, care workers and NHS volunteers involved in the response can also use the council’s three long-stay car parks without charge, until further notice, whenever they are on duty. The council's long-stay car parks are the Sports Centre and North Shore in Whitehaven, and Chapel St in Egremont. Mayor Starkie added: "I'm delighted to continue supporting our NHS and care key workers by allowing them to park for free every day in Copeland. We are incredibly proud of them for supporting our community through this difficult time." The Whitehaven Harbour Commissioners (WHC) is also offering free parking for on-duty key workers in its Queen Street North, Queen Street South, Tangier Street and Queens Dock car parks, and free parking at weekends.

Celia MacKenzie, Chief Executive of Whitehaven Harbour Commissioners, said: “ We are pleased to support the Mayor’s initiative for free parking at weekends on these sites until the end of July. We would like to encourage people back into Whitehaven to use all the available facilities, including our harbour, which is supported by contributions from parking.”

Key workers who would like to take advantage of the free parking in designated car parks should apply for a parking pass from their employer.

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