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Pats Phelan Chilly!

Its been a chilly few days in Whitehaven, but that doesn’t stop ITV Corrie coming to town!

It is thought that a popular soap villains murderous rampage will finally come to an end in Whitehaven.

Filming for the popular ITV Soap Coronation Street has been taking place in Whitehaven and surrounding areas this week.

Filming crews moved into the towns Wellington Row car park on Monday after onlookers spotted popular character Pat Phelan (Connor McIntyre’s) van parked in the car park.

An ITV sign informed members of the public that filming would be taking place.

Pat and his on-screen partner Eileen posed for photos on Bransty on Monday night from excited onlookers.

Today Pat Phelan and Eileen Grimshaw (Sue Cleaver) where filming in the harbour, mainly on a boat.

Laura Barr who met McIntyre said "I met him at Wellington Row car park, he'd just had his dinner and came over. He was a really nice guy and took time out to take pictures with the people that were there. Someone asked him if Eileen kills him, he said well im here alive and kicking not dead yet. When i got my picture taken with him there was a dog on the road which I nearly tripped over and he joked that he'd get the blame for that too!"

Corrie Criminal Pat Phelan was voted villain of the year at the British Soap Awards 2016 and has recently been involved in a feud with various characters, often murdering them along the way.

This week Coronation Street producer Kate Oates confirmed that Pat will meet his doom in 2018, and that his wife Eileen Phelan (Sue Cleaver) will have a large hand in it.

It has now been claimed that the Weatherfield villain will be pushed off of a cliff by Eileen.

A source told The Sun: “The whole show has been building up to this point for some time. Phelan’s murderous ways will finally be revealed while he and Eileen are on a mini-break.

“But while they’re there the police find the bodies at his building site and Liz tells Eileen about everything.”

The source continued: “When they start to clash while out walking Phelan tries to go for her and she sidesteps him and throws him into the sea.

"It will stun and delight viewers,” they added. “He’s finally getting his comeuppance.”

Will Pat meet his maker in Whitehaven?

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