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  • Oliver Hodgson

Recycling point removed after repeated arson

COPELAND Council is urging people with information about a fire at an Egremont recycling bank to contact the police.

The council is now looking for a more secure location for the site after it was set ablaze for the second time in only a few weeks.

The cardboard bank was set on fire last week and as a result the fire service has asked for its removal. Both the cardboard and plastic banks have been removed from the site at Beck Green car park, and the council has asked Egremont Town Council whether it can suggest a safer location.

Copeland's Community Services Manager, Janice Carrol, said: "It is extremely disappointing but this site has been the target of arsonists many times in recent years, and the fire service has now asked us to remove it. We are asking anyone with any information at all about this crime to pass it on to the police on 101.

"The repeated vandalism, coupled with a very high level of contamination, means we have removed the plastic bank too.

"It's only a few weeks since the last time a bank was set on fire at this site. Each time, there is a significant cost incurred for cleaning out the card, disposing of it and repairing and repainting the bank. This is of course coupled with the loss of income from the damaged materials, and the burden placed on the fire service by repeated arson attacks." "The recycling bank removal should not have a significant effect on most residents as Egremont is largely covered by our kerbside scheme. But we have also asked Egremont Town Council if they can suggest a more secure site where the banks might be safely located." Ninety-six per cent of Copeland Homes have a kerbside recycling collection. The rest of the borough is served by communal recycling points, a list of which can be found here:

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