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Sellafield Ltd appoints Martin Chown as new Chief Executive

Sellafield has announced that they have appointed a new Chief Executive Officer after Paul Foster stood down late last year.

Mr Chown assumed his new role and responsibilities on 1 February, leaving his current role as Sellafield Ltd Deputy Chief Executive and Supply Chain Director.

Martin said:

“It’s an honour to become the Chief Executive of one of the most important companies in Britain. We’re responsible for some of the most significant and exciting environmental and engineering challenges anywhere in the world. I’m privileged to be able to lead a team of incredible professionals, supported by extremely capable supply chain partners at a critically important time in the evolution of the Sellafield site. I’m ambitious for our business and everyone within it and look forward to building upon the work of Paul Foster in delivering more value than ever before for the taxpayer, government and NDA as we work to make Sellafield safer, sooner. Everyone at Sellafield plays a significant part in our critical work and our continued success will be a team effort. Nationally and locally our work creates a huge positive impact, for our country, our region and for those communities closest to the Sellafield site.“

Sellafield Ltd Chair, Lorraine Baldry said:

“I’m delighted to welcome Martin into the role of Chief Executive. He was chosen from an exceptionally strong field and I look forward to working with him as we continue to deliver our mission in the national interest”.

David Peattie, Chief Executive of the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA), said:

“As the largest NDA subsidiary business, the success of Sellafield Ltd is of fundamental importance to the NDA. I look forward to working with Martin as part of the NDA group and in continuing to make progress on all fronts across the Sellafield site.”

Martin joined Sellafield Ltd as Supply Chain Director in March 2016, becoming Deputy Chief Executive in September 2019.

Prior to this, he held senior positions in both the public and private sector. His experience stems from roles within the Cabinet Office and Balfour Beatty. He has also held senior roles with GlaxoSmithKline, Toyota and Varity Perkins.

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