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  • Oliver Hodgson

SUPPORTERS of Carlisle’s Race for Life are invited to enjoy a home-based virtual challenge

SUPPORTERS of Carlisle’s Race for Life are invited to enjoy a home-based challenge on the day the charity event should have taken place.

Mokython at Home will feature a live 90-minute fitness class hosted online by Moky founder Shameem Arnold on Sunday July 12. The live stream can be accessed by anyone – not just Moky regulars – from 11am.

Shameem was prompted by Moky customer Cheryl Dobinson who was looking forward to the annual Race for Life at Bitts Park in Carlisle. The Cancer Research UK event includes 5k, 10k and Pretty Muddy challenges. It has been cancelled this year due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Moky celebrates its 10th anniversary in November. It is popular throughout Cumbria and beyond because of its fun and effective routines to uplifting chart hits.

Shameem and Cheryl’s alternative fundraiser will boast routines from all of Moky’s different classes including the lower impact Zest, combat-style Blast and more challenging HIIT. There will also be favourites from the original MokyFit playlists and the new MokySculpt that uses dumbbells.

Shameem said: “Hundreds of Moky customers look forward to Race for Life in Carlisle. They form teams, dress up and enjoy coming together to raise money for a cause that has affected so many of us.

“Moky instructors have led the pre-event warm-ups for the last eight years and customers love joining in with routines that they have done many times in class. It’s a great atmosphere.

“It was such a good idea of Cheryl’s to host a Mokython at home instead. We have done many fundraising Mokythons in the past, and I have been running online classes during lockdown anyway. Why not do an extra-packed session on Race for Life day?”

Shameem, who lives in Seascale, has provided almost 100 free live online classes since lockdown began, alongside an on-demand subscription service. They have been a lifeline for Moky fans who have missed their weekly classes in community venues across Cumbria.

For more details, search for Mokython Race for Life at Home on Facebook. To watch the Mokython – and to access free live classes – visit the website and click on Live Class just before the start time.

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