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  • Oliver Hodgson

'The virus does not spread itself - it is only spread by people'

umbria Constabulary’s Assistant Chief Constable, and Chair of Cumbria’s Strategic Co-ordinating Group, Andrew Slattery, is urging people not to get complacent this weekend - and risk a second, more serious, wave of infection. ACC Slattery said: “We have been asked by the Government to stay home to limit the spread of this lethal virus. “As a group of agencies, we were forced to plan for thousands of deaths in Cumbria, which was a very real threat before the implementation of Social Distancing. The vast majority of people have risen to that challenge and lives have been saved. However, a second and more serious wave of infection is a very real danger and we must do everything we can to prevent it. "The danger has not passed." “Cumbria has one of the highest infection rates nationally and there are still people suffering and dying in our hospitals and care homes. This is why it is so important that we all continue to follow Government guidance. Focussing on what might result in a fine misses the point of why we have been asked to stay at home; to prevent the virus spreading and save people's lives – including your own or those of your loved ones. “The virus does not spread itself, it is only spread by people so please don’t travel unless it is really necessary, please don’t mix or socialise with people outside your household and please make sure that we drive this virus right down to reduce the risk of infection. “Please stay at home this weekend. Do not put yourself or your family in harm’s way by travelling unnecessarily.”

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