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  • Oliver Hodgson

Thousands turn out for another fantastic Gosforth Show.

Guido performing to a packed arena. Credit - Oliver Hodgson

Gosforth Show this year has been hailed a success by the committee and local folk who enjoyed the show and have praised it enormously on social media. With many commenting on it possibly being the best on record.

Given the weather in the week running up to the show not being so pleasant the committee soon got to work setting up the field and the weather didn’t put traders of attending as there was a fantastic number of stalls turn up, this always adds to the enjoyment of the day for many.

Cossack star Guido Louis headlined the annual event, bringing his amazing talents and wowing the huge crowds with his beautiful horsemanship. He had two performances one earlier in the morning and a second in the afternoon.

Frank Gate president of this year’s show judged the champion of champions in the grand parade and Charisse Millard and her Limousin took Champion of Champions for this year.

Charisse Millard pictured with president Frank Gate.

Frank and his wife Elizabeth had a fantastic day handing out many prizes, and judging competitions.

Julia Watson secretary for the show said “We were lucky, the weather forecasters got it right, and we have a brilliant field that dries up as soon as it stops raining!

“Massive thank you to all that have supported us – sponsors, spectators, competitors, traders, volunteers, Rotary club and committee, as without them all we would struggle to keep the show going. Entries were good, especially in the handicraft and produce, where they were up by 200 – what an achievement.”

She added: “Our attraction, Guido Louis, put on a fantastic display in the sunshine, and the Moky warm up certainly got everyone joining in, and now we start planning the next one!”

A huge thanks must go to the whole committee and army of volunteers who give up their time in order to make this show the success it is.

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