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  • Oliver Hodgson

Town’s Hospitality Entrepreneurs Pivot Amid Difficult Year

A popular Whitehaven bar decided to pivot in November and has quickly become renowned for their quirky cocktails and homemade pizzas.

Club 135 in Whitehaven was packed with enthusiastic music lovers pre-March, since then a new venture has been launched by owners Danielle Lee and Mark Johnson.

An app and new piece of modern software, very similar to household names Uber Eats and JustEat has allowed the bar to let their followers and customers order from their phone, select a time and their choices including the usual pub drinks, their new craft cocktail ranges and a vast range of Italian inspired homemade pizzas with the order arriving within the hour, in a COVID friendly manner. The bar has been serving up cocktails such as, ‘Elvis Isn't Dead’ and ‘1984’ aswell as pizzas such as ‘Luciano Hot and Spicy’ and the traditional ‘Margherita.'

Co-Director, Danielle said: “Combining my passion for serving up quirky artisan cocktails and Mark’s newfound love of pizzas we have launched an exciting new venture, which has so far proved to be a hit. Mark has learned his craft doing it the proper Italian way, with made from scratch dough and utalising proper local ingredients.”

Danielle who went to a London Bar school to master the skill of cocktail creation added: “On our first weekend we had in excess of 90 orders, this was a massive morale boast for all of us at Club 135.”

A report produced by UKHospitality shared that 33,653 licensed premises in Britain were closed at the end of October which makes up 30% of the total license premises. The report also detailed that 43% of outlets that haven’t opened since the first national lockdown back in March will never do so again.

Danielle said this has provided a lifeline to the business, “As we have been unable to open like usual since early this year, we have opted for a new style, which has certainly provided us with a lifeline for the business. We don’t know where we would be without the pivot.”

The bar offer delivery on weekends and is looking to expand the venture in the new year. Those looking to try out the new offerings can do so by visiting

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