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  • Oliver Hodgson

Trudy’s support for a thriving UK farming industry

Trudy has reaffirmed her support for the Government’s Agriculture Bill.

Leaving the EU means the UK is also leaving the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), which currently funds UK agriculture.  The new landmark Agriculture Bill provides the legislative framework for the replacement of agricultural support schemes.

The Bill It is now on target to pass through Parliament by the summer, and it will provide a range of powers to implement new approaches to farm payments and land management. In England, farmers will be paid to produce “public goods” such as environmental or animal welfare improvements.

The Bill also includes more extensive measures designed to improve fairness in the agricultural supply chain and on the operation of agricultural markets.

Mrs Harrison said: “Having left the EU, I am delighted that we can take back control of our agricultural policy and fund our own farm payments domestically.

“I welcome the opportunities to move towards a new system that rewards farmers for enhancing the environment and producing their food in a sustainable way that arises from leaving the Common Agriculture Policy.

“I am in frequent communication with farmers within my constituency and look forward to the opportunities that a British Policy l will provide for British farmers in the coming years to improve their businesses.”

Farming organisations and environmental groups both broadly support the new ‘public money for public goods’ approach to future farm support schemes.  This Bill requires Ministers to have regard to the need to encourage the production of food in England, in an environmentally sustainable way.

Victoria Prentis the Parliamentary Under-Secretary for Agriculture, Fisheries and Food: “I need to reiterate at this point that there can be no question of sacrificing the UK livestock or other farming industries for the US trade deal. To the contrary, it is our view that a US trade deal is perfectly compatible with a thriving UK farming industry and very high standards.

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