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Whitehaven AFC reveals ambitious plans for Multi-Million Facility

Whitehaven AFC have unveiled plans to expand their existing facility in Whitehaven which would connect it to Mirehouse and change it into a multisport facility.

The Coach Road based club currently have two football pitches; a grass pitch and a state of the art astroturf pitch which was installed a few years ago. There are around 40 teams at the club which range between Youth Boys & Girls, Senior Men, Senior Ladies, Over 35’s and an ability counts team.

Now they plan to expand the facility with more multiuse games pitches, a running track, recreational lake, tennis courts, outdoor gyms, a new club house and a hockey pitch.

The concept plan has been drawn up by architects and is now being released to the community for comment. The plans will merge the majority of local clubs under one roof.

Bill Robson Jnr

Bill Robson Jr, Cofounder of the club and current Club President and Director said “We are trying to build something that the entire community can participate and take ownership of their physical activity. We are exploring lots of options on how we can make the facility carbon zero. We are very excited to develop this idea further. Nothing is finalised and we have lots of work to do with the local authority and other key stakeholders.”

Bill added: “Over the years we have brought in over £2 Million of funding to develop the facility. To continue to develop further it has become increasingly clear that without a multi organisational bid, one organisation could not achieve a development on this scale. We also feel that that community involvement is very important which is why we are asking for everyone’s views on our plans.”

Luke Johnston

Luke Johnston, Club Chairman and Director said: “This is a very exciting time for Whitehaven AFC and the surrounding community. We want to build a facility which can be available for everyone and significantly expand the sports offering in the area. The plans are only in a concept stage and we are looking for feedback on how we can improve them and what others would like to see.”

The plans would see a new entrance created off Meadow Road on Mirehouse and would be built on land behind the current Whitehaven AFC Facility between Valley and Mirehouse. The plans have already been presented to Copeland Borough Council who are currently supporting Whitehaven AFC with their plans.

The club was founded in 1994 by William Robson Snr and current Club President William Robson Jnr.

Anyone with comments/ feedback is asked to contact bill on: or

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